miércoles, 23 de julio de 2008

My Hobbies

First,I spend as much free time as I can with my friends and my girlfriend.I prefer be always with some people around.I usually have more fun.But,there are some things that I enjoy being alone.For instance,I love watching movies.However,I dont like any kind of movies.In my opinion the old movies are better than movies nowadays. I enjoy seeing the movies that I love again and again. If you have time enough to spend,You would try to see "Once upon a time in the West".It's my favourite movie.It's a western film.I love the westerns,they are such a good movies. I cant understand why there aren't this kind of movies nowadays.It's a pity.

Other hobbies are playing chess and playing soccer.Both of them are very funny,but there are so different.I rather to play soccer than chess,mainly because I usually play soccer along with my friends.All of us are in the same team.We have played together for years,i think we started to play with five or six years.It's such a long time. Nevertheless,I love playing chess,when I start to play I can play for hours.It's very interesting.You should try.

martes, 15 de julio de 2008

Going abroad

Dear friends:

If you have time enough,I´d like to ask you for some help.On September,when I come back to Spain,I have to go to work to London.I know it´s sounds great.My main problem is my girlfriend.She doesn´t know whether she is going to come or not.Im triyng to convice her to join me in my adventure,but I think she finally is going to stay in Spain.I´m worried about what should I do to take care of our relationship. Could you help me?

martes, 8 de julio de 2008

My first adventure in Vancouver

My first adventure in Vancouver was at the Stanley Park,I went there last Sunday with my homestay mate and some of her friends.It was amazing because I had the chance both to meet some people from the school and to meet that wonderful park.
Then we went back to Vancouver and we had a lunch at Tim Hortons,very close at our school.Indeed,I could see where the school was.Consequently I was more relaxed my first day at school,because I knew it how to get there.
I am very grateful to my homestay mate.She made me everything easier.Thanks a lot